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RICO & family court cases                                                                                                                                          by Govabuse Nancy Rolfe                                                                                                                                      Those wishing to file RICO suits against person(s) working in various positions of your family court cases.  You are wasting your time!  Consider the fact that the U.S. government has unlimited funds and has been unable to convict RICO charges.  It is a serious waste of valuable time for a private citizen to attempt this.  First, you probably do not have an extra million dollars to expend on such a project.  Worse yet, never forget the ‘more than vague’ family laws that protect violators (ex; best interest).  If those two items haven’t given you pause, let us not forget the various protections of immunity granted to many of whom you would be targeting, that deserve to be held accountable.  Combine the three and if you still want to move forward, your thought process is clearly based on one of emotion and not legally researched enough to be deemed, rational.

You would need to change a few laws first and would still be looking at a losing RICO case as the violators would have possessed various protections, at the time the offenses were committed.  If you have the time and really want to see violators held accountable, spend time to change laws that will benefit your children and grandchildren in the future.

Just because RICO will not work regarding family court case violators does not mean you are at a dead end.  Instead of lumping all violators and their violations together (as in a RICO case), file against each individually.  Take the worst first, research all laws, guidelines etc… and make sure you have a winning case prior to filing.  If executed in a legally appropriately manner, the rest could fall like dominoes.  Please do not forget that initial filings should be short, specific and not to contain every detail.   Trials are for the details are shared and only the details that prove violations.  Unfortunately, people with family court cases have a tendency to write and speak emotionally.  Judges, prosecutors etc… are not your friends.  They are public servants and have many cases to work on.  If you want to discuss every rancid detail of your case, call a friend and share.  When filing with a court-of-law, the judges that hear cases and read the motions are specifically concerned with violations of LAW period.  So stay focused.

Additional disclaimer: Speak to a lawyer prior to any legal action.  Never use information contained in Govabuse® blogs or site as actual legal advice.  Nan’s Blog thoughts are to encourage others to research prior to acting and written for entertainment purpose only.

WIKIPEDIA RICO: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Racketeer_Influenced_and_Corrupt_Organizations_Act

GovAbuse: P.A. syn or crime?

GovAbuse: Parental Alienation – Syndrome or crime?                                                                                           by Govabuse writer, Nancy Rolfe

PARENTAL ALIENATION (PA) also called, Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS).

People need to focus on the ‘ACTIONS’ that are committed by one parent, that negatively affect their child(ren) and for sole purpose to harm the opposing parent.  The actions committed to prevent a child / parent relationship are often criminal offenses that are punishable by law, including jail time.

EXAMPLE: Making a false report of abuse / neglect.
This type of complaint must be taken to a police district and / or prosecutor in the area where the false report was made.  Family court judges do NOT handle criminal offenses, nor can they give legal advice which would include, directing one parent where to take their criminal complaint against another.

Too many parents refuse to take accept any responsibility for their situation.  I have yet to speak to a parent that would accept any blame for any part of their situation or would offer an answer to the following question;

“What could you have done to prevent the situation from becoming as bad as it did?”

The answer will always include giving full blame to the opposing parent.  Learning from mistakes made by others, is an invaluable resource for ‘what not to do’.   Regarding the subject of ‘parental alienation’, we may never have the ability to learn from one another.  When adults refuse to accept any responsibility, it does not leave much hope that parental alienation will ever be prevented.

Do you have an argument in support or against the inclusion of parental alienation on the DSM that would make it a recognized syndrome?


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