GovAbuse: P.A. syn or crime?

GovAbuse: Parental Alienation – Syndrome or crime?                                                                                           by Govabuse writer, Nancy Rolfe

PARENTAL ALIENATION (PA) also called, Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS).

People need to focus on the ‘ACTIONS’ that are committed by one parent, that negatively affect their child(ren) and for sole purpose to harm the opposing parent.  The actions committed to prevent a child / parent relationship are often criminal offenses that are punishable by law, including jail time.

EXAMPLE: Making a false report of abuse / neglect.
This type of complaint must be taken to a police district and / or prosecutor in the area where the false report was made.  Family court judges do NOT handle criminal offenses, nor can they give legal advice which would include, directing one parent where to take their criminal complaint against another.

Too many parents refuse to take accept any responsibility for their situation.  I have yet to speak to a parent that would accept any blame for any part of their situation or would offer an answer to the following question;

“What could you have done to prevent the situation from becoming as bad as it did?”

The answer will always include giving full blame to the opposing parent.  Learning from mistakes made by others, is an invaluable resource for ‘what not to do’.   Regarding the subject of ‘parental alienation’, we may never have the ability to learn from one another.  When adults refuse to accept any responsibility, it does not leave much hope that parental alienation will ever be prevented.

Do you have an argument in support or against the inclusion of parental alienation on the DSM that would make it a recognized syndrome?

2 thoughts on “GovAbuse: P.A. syn or crime?

  1. Other than leaving the state I don’t know what I could have done differently, actually I could of taken her phone away, because that’s how he got to her, but if the other parent is going to alienate, they’re going to alienate…..The more you pull the harder they push…unless you’ve been through it, don’t judge

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